Proceeds from music services grew by 39% compared with last year


While there will always be elements of the actual music, such as CDs, it seems that the popularity of music services hint is definitely they way to the future. This is due to that according to the latest figures from Music Industry Blog, it has grown popular music services increased by 39 percent compared with last year.

While it is still not clear whether the proceeds of the music services have exceeded the proceeds of the songs are normal or not, the source says that some allude to the fact that music services achieve greater profits compared with recorded music, while others say that it is not yet determined. However, according to figures released by Music Industry Blog, it has been suggested that the proceeds of the music services amounted to us $ 7.4 billion, which means an increase of 39 percent compared to last year.

According to the report, he says : ” music services, and unusual, was the engine of growth, with revenue growing by 39 percent year on year by adding $ 2.1 billion to the overall returns, which reached us $ 7.4 billion, representing 43 percent of total revenue. It was growing bigger comfortably than 783 million received by means of the consumption of traditional music ( i.e. transfers, CDs ), which is lower by 10 percent compared to last year “.

So, while the music services did not exceed the recorded music in terms of sales, there can be no denying it in the process of growth could exceed the recorded music in the next two years. In the meantime, become music services such as Spotify and the Apple Music service in the article where they announced Spotify recently announced that it has reached to 70 million subscribers, while announced the Apple Music that they reached 40 million subscribers.


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