Proceeds of the Amazon jump 200% to more than $ 1.6 million

Amazon announced the results of the first quarter of 2018, which was better than expected with the result that the height of the stock up 7% in after-hours trading.

Income Amazon net $ 1.6 million a difference of pressure from last year which was 724 million dollars, total revenue $ 51 million which was higher than the 49.78 million that analysts expected.

The increase in revenue and profits to the service of the Amazon Web Services cloud which is up by 49%, The total revenue of this service is $ 5.4 million.

Says Jeff bezos founder and CEO Amazon “to the cloud service Amazon Web Services are a good way for developers to continue their work lightly and more easily”.

As you know that the companies or even government departments can easily hire to host their data in services such as Amazon Web Services, which are high quality and maintenance patrol or even from competitors offering the same service, such as Google and Microsoft compared to host the data internally, Dell what make this service grow nicely.

Also saw Amazon’s strong growth to its market within North America, where increased presence of the business within the region by 46%.

Closed Amazon shares Thursday on the price of 1517.96$ problem rise by 65% over last year.

The proceeds of the Amazon jump 200% to more than $ 1.6 million appeared first on the tech world.

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