Processor Apple A14 Cairo in the year 2020 will be synthesized using the technique of 5 nm

Apple A11

When it comes to determining the strength and efficiency of the processor, there are other things to consider besides speed. The manufacturing technique used is one of the important things, and this is the reason that the average person may not care about offering the manufacturing used, but the end result is to get a faster processor and more efficient in energy consumption.

Processor Apple A12 Bionic user in the iPhone XS Series current factory using the technology to 7 nanometers by the company TSMC, but it seems that the processor Apple TV killer in the year 2020 will be more advanced in this aspect. According to a new report released recently from the site DigiTimes, it seems that the processor Apple A14 which is supposed to arrive in the year 2020 will be manufactured using the technology of 5 nm. The report claimed also that Apple will try to rely once again on the company TSMC to help in the production of this processor.

And for those who wonder about the importance of this, as we have said previously, the manufacturing technique used to raise the potential of the processor, they help in increasing the speed of the processor and improve its efficiency in energy consumption. Due to advanced manufacturing techniques such as 5 nm to reduce the gap between the transistors, which means moving from one point to another at a speed which theoretically lead to improved performance.

Until now, proved processor Apple A12 Bionic that is very strong. For example, when tested its performance in the past year, it turns out that it offers similar performance for some processors to desktop computers. While this comparison is not necessarily accurate, it is hard to deny how powerful a series processors for Apple A Series over the years.

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