Processor Apple A14 may be the first processor to a phone with a frequency exceeding 3 GHz

Processor Apple A14 law in phones Evo 12 will be the first processor for a smartphone with a frequency exceeding 3 GHz according to a recent report of Research Snipers.

معالج ابل A14 قد يكون أول معالج لهاتف بتردد يتجاوز 3 جيجاهيرتز

Processor Apple A14 is the next version to address the A13 in phones Evo 11, according to the performance testing of the leaked processor the reverb processor A14 will be up to the 3.1 GHz that is faster by about 400 MHz as compared with the treatment A13 prominent frequency of 2.7 GHz.

Test nuclear per See Apple A14 record of more than 1650 points improvement amounting to 25% while the results of the tests of nucleoli and multiple to 4600 points, an improvement of 33% compared to the processor, A13.

Also according to previous reports, the processor Apple A14 will be the first processor with the processing of 5 nm would thus be smaller in size than the physical, than those processed with 7 nm in addition to saving energy better as well as more processing power depending on the requirements of the designed processor.

On the basis of past data, according to other sources that the performance of the phones Evo 12 will discuss proposed performance processors computers Apple laptops: the MacBook and the MacBook Pro.

The capacity of this processor will be reflected positively on the performance of various tasks smoothly at the same time, and switch and navigate between apps and games better.

Will start manufacturing processor Apple A14 in the month of April by company TSMC Taiwan to be present inside the phones the faith of the 12 that will be launched during the last quarter of the year.

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