Processor flagship next to Qualcomm may be manufactured by Samsung

Qualcomm Snapdragon

Share Samsung and Qualcomm in a complicated relationship, denoting the interdependence between competitors in the technology sector. The company uses South Korean processors Snapdragon, a subsidiary of Qualcomm on many of its products, but also manufacturing processors Exynos, which competes with Qualcomm’s processors. It doesn’t stop there, the company Samsung also oversees the production of chips and processors for some of its competitors, including Qualcomm.

Samsung is the preferred partner for Qualcomm for many years, but the company decided in the end to move to rely on the Taiwanese company TSMC for the manufacture of a therapist. the first use of technology to 7 nm in the last year. Taking into consideration the fact that Qualcomm’s processors are available to the majority of manufacturers of Android devices, it has been the loss of this deal touching some thing on the Samsung.

However, things seem to be going for Samsung again. According to a new report recently released from the location of The Elec, it appears that Qualcomm has resorted to Samsung for the production of their next flagship which is rumored that it will carry the name of the Snapdragon 865. Will be manufacturing this processor by Samsung using technology to 7nm EUV resists with the knowledge that the process of mass production of this processor will begin in February of next year. Will begin South Korean company primary production in the production line of Hwaseong 17 by adding lines of production EUV resists exclusive in the month of September for mass production.

This report is based on sources familiar with the matter, and not on official information. If the transaction was concluded already, you’ll have this as a big win to Samsung technology manufacturing high-tech own. Before concluding, We would like to point out that my company, IBM, and Nvidia chose to already the committee to Samsung to manufacture the next generation of microchips and processors, and thus has begun things are moving for the third largest factory of the chip, and products in the world.


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