Processor Intel Core i9-9900KS the new Intel reported its frequency 5GHz on all cores


If you require to install computer games or computer strong, you may be interested to know that Intel has announced a new processor called Intel Core i9-9900KS, which is the most powerful wizard in the lineup of Intel until now.

Processor Intel Core i9-9900KS the latest from Intel is considered as an improved version of the processor Intel Core i9-9900K current. According to Intel, the processor Intel Core i9-9900KS New able to reach the speed of 5GHz in all the eight cores that comes out, rather than reach the speed of 5GHz on one core only.

This means that this processor will perform very amazing when it comes to tasks that require the processor to run multiple cores. Of course, we don’t know the amount of people who need this much power, but at least this new processor is available for people who love to promote their computers more powerful. And for the main processor, it has confirmed to US Intel they reach 4GHz with speed core in the processor Intel Core i9-9900K current of 3.6 GHz only.

I didn’t remember Intel anything about the amount of maximum energy that can be that the processor resource consumption, so it is not clear whether it will require more energy. Moreover, there is also no information about the price, but be sure that it won’t be cheap.


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