Processor Kirin 990 beats the processor Snapdragon 855

Appeared today the first results of the benchmarks for dead 30 Pro which comes with a processor with Kirin 990 the latest from Huawei, the phone that was tested was a version الـ4G regular phone which works, the code name for LIO-AL00 this according to TENNA, the Chinese.

Processor Kirin 990 in general comes in two versions one of them on the accuracy of manufacture 7nm regular but does not support الـ5G which is subjected to testing while Version other supports الـ5G comes to accurately manufacture 7nm EUV resists is supporting للـ5G first which comes with a frequency higher than the normal version second:

The above means that the processor Kirin 990 will get the numbers bigger when it becomes available by الـ5G mine which is going to happen soon following the outcome of the phone on the platform AnTuTu:

Here we find that the performance of the new processor is located between the outer SD 855 and the SD 855+ any we we can expect that the processor Kirin 990 5G, which will be released later will be the rights to Wizard SD 855+ this is in addition to that the platform now has reported that, according to the result obtained by the phone, it probably comes with a storage technology UFS 3.0.

Source: GSMArena

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