Processor Snapdragon 8150 destroy all competitors in a test of artificial intelligence


Regardless of the tests that work to measure the performance of the central processor or the processor graphics, the modern processors has become also includes modules to address the tasks of artificial intelligence. Having said that, it gets the processor Snapdragon 8150 coming from Qualcomm for first place, at least in the market of Android phones.

In fact, I’ve been monitoring your primary provider processor Snapdragon 8150 offers twice the performance of the processor Snapdragon 845 current, poor performance of the processor HiSilicon Kirin 980, a subsidiary of Huawei as well. Speaking of Wizard Huawei later, he got on the improvements when it comes to the performance of the AI compared with the processor HiSilicon Kirin 970, but when it comes to this test, it seemed that he got on minor improvements increased by 15 percent, making him entitled to as a result almost similar to the result processor Snapdragon 845.

StyleProcessorMemory randomIn all AndroidAs a result of artificial intelligence.
Qualcomm 8150 Dev PlatformSnapdragon 81506GB20189.022082
Mediatek P80 Dev PlatformMediatek Helio P806GB20189.019453
OnePlus 6Snapdragon 8458GB20189.012274
Huawei Mate 20 ProHiSilicon Kirin 9806GB20189.012026
Huawei P20 ProHiSilicon Kirin 9706GB20189.08921
Google Pixel 3 XLSnapdragon 8454GB20189.06895
Mediatek P60 Dev PlatformMediatek Helio P606GB20188.15767

There is important note, although the two phones OnePlus 6 and Google Pixel 3 XL use the same processor Snapdragon 845 however, as a result of the phone OnePlus 6 was significantly higher than the score achieved by the phone Google Pixel 3 XL, but you have to take into account that the Google Phone featuring Windows special for download with the magic of image processing. Therefore, these results are questionable to some extent.

However, we were surprised to see the processor MediaTek Helio P80 coming from the company MediaTek gets the second place, it is scored as a result of much higher than the processor Snapdragon 845, and is in fact approaching the score achieved by the processor Snapdragon 8150. This will be a huge leap of therapists MediaTek Helio P60 and MediaTek Helio P70 current, are improved by up to more than 200 percent.


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