Processors Exynos cameras ISOCELL from Samsung will see its way to cars in the future

Samsung Car

Samsung, the establishment of a section responsible for the development and manufacture of products in the year 2010 only, although it has gained this section a great impetus when Samsung started using processors Exynos in smart phones and tablets that it sells in all over the world. The same applies to sensors, cameras ISOCELL that make the Galaxy one of the best smartphones in terms of camera capabilities. Today, South Korean police announced that it will bring processors Exynos sensors, ISOCELL for the automotive sector.

No doubt you’re wondering now how you gonna do the technologies used by Samsung today in smart phones car manufacturers? Well, thanks to the continuous efforts to make cars smarter and safer, they have become there is an urgent need to use the sensors and processors to more advanced and faster in data processing. Here Comes the role of the Exynos Auto and ISOCELL Auto.

In the publication on the official blog, explaining Samsung briefly what information can Exynos Auto sensors, ISOCELL Auto do. According to Samsung, has been test processors Exynos Auto in the harshest of conditions, making it reliable too. As it is also assembled in three sub-categories so that care about the Exynos Auto V infotainment system inside the car, shake the Exynos Auto A for advanced driver assistance, while the use of Exynos Auto T for the informational post which also means remote communications.


Like sensor ISOCELL Auto to become the eyes of your car. Bring Samsung camera technology own to make cars able to capture more detail in the dark leading to the identification of objects more accurately and to improve visibility in low-light. It is through the integration of insight for cameras with processing power great for Exynos Auto, will be able to auto battle the dangers on the road potential even in the tunnels and ” other environments high-contrast “.

It is worth mentioning that the display processors Exynos Auto sensors, ISOCELL Auto at the International Exhibition for suppliers known acronym in the name of the IZB, which took place in the city of Wolfsburg to the German yesterday.


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