Processors Intel ® Coffee Lake excels on AMD processors Ryzen from New in Germany


Caught competition between the giants of processors computing Intel and AMD after the recent expulsion of its wonderful Ryzen, and that have succeeded in development with Intel in terms of performance and price, and normally wouldn’t get since long years. Processors Ryzen AMD has occupied the forefront of the sales in Germany since the publication of her for example.

Well, according to the latest statistics by that things were back to in favor of Intel from the new and yet to put forward its new Coffee Lake, where sales began Intel excels again in this market which is one of the largest and most important European markets. Miss AMD in sales continued until last December when I took the processors Natalie new are available in the markets better.

Processor i7-8700K proved to be the most popular among users, as is usually the Intel to own 58% of the German market currently, the share of AMD by about 42%. Quality and big in performance with the video games help a lot in pushing the sales of Intel ® processors for all the players.

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