Processors Ryzen 3000 of AMD having a problem with Linux system

Company AMD some problems recently with the A series processors Ryzen 3000 recently launched, where monitoring Linux system users some of the problems that occur on the system with the new generation of processors Ryzen 3000.

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It was the company AMD has announced the launch of a series processors Ryzen 3000 graphics screen Radeon RX 5700 recently, but some problems have been spotted by users of the A series processors Ryzen 3000 with the Linux system, where appear a problem in the launch of the system with a Linux system which is based on version 5.0 or advanced versions.

Have faced some users processors the problem that occur on the system cross-referencing configurations of the system to the old versions or versions patch modern systems, however other problems appeared to have users Windows system with the game Destiny 2, where monitoring the users of the game the problem of not launching the game with the new processors, too, where registered users complaints have Bungie in the recent period.

On the other hand, stated the company AMD for Phoronix it has already started to pay the group of BIOS manufacturers motherboard, with a view to their application and fix the problem, where it is scheduled to launch this company and a software patch to fix the problem users have, to expect a software patch to users starting next week.


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