Product update starts finally apartment his way to the smart watch Galaxy Watch LTE 46mm


Samsung last month issued a new update for a number of smart watches of their own to provide one of One UI to the latest from the company, and many other new features. At that point, a smart watch one, which is the LTE version of the Galaxy Watch 46mm. And now, we are pleased to inform you that it has been corrected this and started this smart watch also receive the update over the air.

This update carries the Brown No. R805FXXU1ESE6 in Europe, and the number R805USQU1BSE3 in the United States of America. Despite the difference in the build version, this update still brings with it the same features in both regions.

For a change, this update includes interface One new UI and some features and improvements to health. For example, there will be a track faster exercise through the application of Samsung Health, and that there will be a track to race also. Moreover, there will be further alerts on the rate of the heartbeat is not natural, as well as improving the tracking of sleep.

This update also improved the battery life in the smartphone arena, but we assume that battery life will differ from one user to another depending on habits of use. Must be the update in the launch phase, so it might be good to check if it is available for your smartphone now.


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