Products Apple has to postpone its launch after the announcement

Last June, Apple announced feature is Group calls on FaceTime that it so severely that Samsung itself did not use sarcasm only with the words “may require”. Already released in the first beta version was very well received. But the shock came with the trial version 7/8 days ago soon announced the postponement asked. The news was shocking and some argue that this failure is unprecedented. But here’s the bombshell; this failure is the usual history of Apple’s long witness it often in the featured products fail the company in the presented at the time of knowledge and we are witnesses to the release of X late and of course AirPower which was announced a year ago and Whittle light. In this article we go back to the past months and see the moments of failure in all the history of the company.

منتجات قامت أبل بتأجيل إطلاقها بعد الإعلان عنها

Postpone the launch of the Mac first

The transfer of Andy hertzfeld, one of the main creators working on Mac OS, we’d say we’ll finish in six months and extended it to two years. He said that the final decision goes back to Steve Jobs, it is the date found and the place where you will launch your Mac.

Announced the Apple about this Mac on May 16, 1983 National computer conference in Anaheim, California. The launch of the operating system of the Mac on 24 January 1984 at the annual shareholders ‘ meeting the purchase of Apple in the center of Flint at the Faculty of De Anza College in Cupertino.

Apple newton

When I endorsed John Scully draft newton in the Apple TV officially, insisted that it should ship on April 2, 1992, but did not say it outside the company. But what happened, it is not adhered to the deadline and to postpone the launch several times. By March 1993 the journalists scoff at the Apple, wondering” will it be available for launch in the first place? Or will it be the Apple in their advertisement to the rest of the work? And the dog began to mock Apple so that Gaston Bastien President of the company’s Personal Interactive Electronics said: I bet the risks of my wine, if has been the launch of the Newton in this summer”.

Finally the device is charging Apple newton in August 2, 1993.

Under the management of Steve Jobs

When it was announced the power Mac 5 new strongly 2 GHz at WWDC 2003, Steve Jobs said” that within 12 months we’ll be standing in front of the second-generation strongly 3 GHz” what will Apple copy processor 3 GB Steve that this cooperation between Apple and IBM but this product didn’t believe, and never see the light of day. Watch a video of the Declaration on the G5 promised the last minute to see Steve is no longer our product will not issue never.

If the Apple now known declaring about the organization and give months the date of shipping, it may be that because of the circumstances and factors of forced her into it and there is no longer a choice.

If we look at the iPhone for example, Apple is obliged by law to submit the phone to the FCC and it was worth the time of approval or non-approval on this product. Thus was the news of these devices cause, and this is what prompted the company to announced in advance.

This is what happened with the iPhone 4 especially white women. Where was the ad for this color in 7 June 2010 and put forward a model black just for sale in the same month, and is the version of the White Model.

She told Apple that there are difficulties in its manufacture and will overcome this, it will be released in late July. And what happened to the launch of the white version any-iPhone 4 in April of the following year.

Apple under the leadership of Tim Cook

Recently, Apple announced the dates of the shooting and did not adhere only slightly. A lot of people bought your iMac 27-inch 2012 but they didn’t get only in 2013.

Similarly, in September 2014 Apple announced the Apple Watch said they would be available the beginning of the year and delayed it until April 2015, and the postponement was also to later this year.

In 2016, after the company announced the possibility of buying organs AirPods new in late October, has been changed to the date on Apple’s website to “coming soon”. It was expected to be available in November, but it had in December on the pretext of Christmas.

Postpone the launch of devices HomePod

Did not expect it at that, it happened also with the organs of the HomePod, FD was announced in June 2017 was scheduled to launch in December of the same year in the United States and the United Kingdom and Australia. They did not do as promised, and was launched in February 2018 and curious to HomePod request Update feature AirPlay 2 that had only been available in the iOS update 11.4 in 29 May of the same year. And the Apple that the HomePod is not just your voice that has all this delay, but there are organizations, such as the processors built with those devices must be taken into account.

We believe that because of those delays don’t have to blame it on Apple TV. Because in fact, might be the stress of the legal requirements and the fear of leaks is from making Apple announces these products and the times of all. Perhaps the delay is due to the revision and development of more at the hardware level or at the operating system level. It takes a lot of experimentation to come out with a satisfactory result.

What do you think about Apple’s failure repeated in the launch of products? And do you see that this poor management of apple or a normal thing in big corporations? Tell us in the comments.



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