Profits of the company LG grow in the second quarter of this year due to improved sales of smartphones

LG V40 ThinQ

Keep the LG on its tradition in the disclosure of its financial results quarterly on the last Friday of the last month in the quarter, and the numbers look good.

Company has made the South Korean a profit of $ 668 million USD, which is the best quarter for the company in 2018. Section the worst in the police department is the communications portable charge for smart phones which continue to drain the water note that this section is the owner of the largest operating loss of which $ 130.5 million USD after the achieved proceeds of $ 1.82 billion USD.

The company realized the LG fault at this time last year and the head of the section responsible for the smart phone, thereby effectively to change the company’s approach fully in the market and strengthen its efforts in the field of research and development. Positive news is that the operating deficit of the level in decline, and projections indicate high sales in the upcoming holiday season. Company expects LG to phone LG V40 ThinQ raise the revenue department’s mobile.

Made the other sections performed well between July and September, it has made the section in charge of home appliance profit of $ 365 million USD of the proceeds of the total, 4.33 billion USD. When it comes to the Department of home entertainment, it has reached its proceeds 3.31 billion USD, while the Numismatic section is responsible for the automotive components industry increased by 41 percent compared with the same period last year and by 35 percent compared with the previous quarter, but the result page with the acquisition of a company specializing in the manufacture of headlights, total operating losses for this section is 38 million USD.



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