Program Anytrans allows the feature to backup data from the iPhone wirelessly and automatically and manually!

The company launched the imobie a new version of the program AnyTrans for iOS device management iPhone and iPad the advantages of the new the most important feature to backup data from the iPhone wirelessly and automatically and manually which will provide you complete safety against the loss of any data on your device.

You can now through the program AnyTrans to make backup copies of data and files over from iTunes to give you outstanding security, along with everything included in the backup منiTunes, it covers 10 other types of files, including photos, music, movies, ringtones, synced, etc.

The programme AnyTrans three solutions for backup:

Full backup: provides you a comprehensive coverage for you with regards to iTunes, it says AnyTrans do a full backup real. Will copy all the data files that you don’t want to lose backed up in full.

Incremental backup: allows you to AnyTrans to backup new data that have been changed only based on the previous backup, saves backup time and disk space to a large extent.

Automatic backup and wireless: software AnyTrans to backup your iPhone or iPad automatically and wirelessly, safe according to time (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.)

The most important features of the backup through a program of AnyTrans :

Recover lost data Way want: hear all of iTunes or iCloud just to review the entire backup, only that the program AnyTrans provides you with the solution most flexible and easily, where you can preview the content of backup to make sure to embed your data lost, and restore what you want only.

Restore data from backup sources for: named AnyTrans several sources for backup allows you a greater chance to recover the lost data. You can choose to restore the content of the version AnyTrans backup or from a copy of iTunes backup, all this at your request.

Go back to any time with a single click: need AnyTrans list of your backups with detailed information, such as date of creation, type of backup, size, etc. So, you can go back to any previous backup easily and instantly.

Browse backup files: you are not allowed to iTunes or iCloud to preview what is included in a backup before the Restore, but AnyTrans allows you to do so. It lets you view each part of the data in any backup copy. Then you can use what you’ve lost, and restore the selected items only.

How to transfer photos from iPhone to computer:

The program offers AnyTrans feature to transfer photos from iPhone to computer Windows Vista/10/8/7 and complies with the latest version of iOS 12 and all of the iPhone 6/6s/7/8/X/Xs/Xs Max. Through four ways you can identify them from here.

The first method: transfer all photos from iPhone to computer Windows 7/8/10 with a single click

كيفية نقل الصور من الآيفون إلى الحاسوبHow to transfer photos from iPhone to computer

  • Run the program AnyTrans, and then connect the iPhone to your computer using the USB cable and click the tab “Device Manager” button “iOS to PC/Mac” on the main interface.

  • Choose a category of images that you want to export to the computer, such as “camera”, “flow Images”, “photo library”, etc. Then click the test button, and press the Left arrow button to start exporting the selected photos on the iPhone to the computer.

Download the program AnyTrans for iOS device management iPhone and iPad:

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