Program Recoverit – recover deleted files and damaged windows and Mac !

The problem of lost or corrupted files on the computers are different, one of the worst problems are most prevalent among users, there are many programs to get her back but some very complicated and others are not safe, today with the program Recoverit will be able to recover your files with ease and in a safe manner more than any other program.

Have you got time and you delete important files by mistake? Got a problem in the operating system of your device or in the device itself and lost some important files? Don’t worry you can recover those files only with the Recoverit is easy to use, Backup Recovery files.

Features and Recoverit:

  1. Supported devices windows and Mac.
  2. The possibility of retrieving more than 500 different type of file, whatever the format.
  3. The possibility of recovery from any storage device.
  4. Simple design, smooth, easy to use.
  5. Preliminary guidance to help you retrieve your files easily.
  6. Recover the original files are not infected with any malicious software.
  7. The possibility of preview images and files before you confirm the loopback.
  8. 4 options according to your desire to retrieve the files.
  9. Choose what you want to retrieve it through the options.

Why would you take advantage of the program Recoverit is?

Currently considered to be among the best specialized programs in retrieve files, as used by over 5 million users around the world in more than 160 countries, as well as the company’s experience in this field since 2003, so they knew how to ensure you retrieve your files, as well as the support available permanently.

  • Supports audio formats such as OGG, MP3, AIFF, WAV, AAC, WMA, M4A, and more
  • Supports video formats such as WMV and FLV and SWF, AVI, 3GP, MOV, MPG and MP4 and many others
  • Recovers data from hard drives for computers such as IBM, TOSHIBA, DELL, HP and more
  • Offers Data Recovery Services for other devices such as portable drives, digital cameras, removable drives and memory cards.

Download the program Recoverit :

The official website of the programme of Recoverit

Software download Recoverit version of Windows

Software download Recoverit version Mac

How to use Recoverit recovery program hard disk:

Retrieve files from hard drive

Recover deleted files

Step 1: Choose the mode to “Deleted Files Recovery” to start recovery hard drive

After running the recovery program hard disk, you can choose many modes of recovery start of recovery such as:

  1. Recover deleted files: recover deleted files accidentally, whether internal disk or external.
  2. Recover deleted files from recycle important: you may delete files to the Recycle Bin and then emptied, don’t worry, this software helps you in retrieval.
  3. Recover files from the drives on to configure: you may receive and that you re-initialize or frome of any disk or flash, this option lets you retrieve files from it.
  4. Recover files from HDD deleted: this option lets you recover files from any partition of the hard disk deleted.
  5. Recover files from external disks: such as memory cards, external hard drives
  6. Recover deleted files from the virusmay affect your computer of any virus that deletes files or converts them to wins, this software helps you to retrieve it.
  7. Retrieval of corrupt system files: in case you got problem in the operating system, The program will help you to retrieve it.
  8. Retrieval comprehensive: this option does the work in all the cases that can get to you, in order to retrieve the files.

Here we take “recover deleted files” as an example:

Step 2: Select the hard disk that has lost its data

The program supports data recovery from internal hard disk and external hard drive, select the location where you lost your files, and click on “start” to recover lost data.

If you can’t find the target file after completion of the Quick Scan, go to the deep scan using the setting “restore” which can find more files.

Step 3: preview and then retrieve lost files

After the completion of the examination, will display all the recovered files on the window. Make a quick preview on your files and highlight the files you want to retrieve and click “Recover” button to ” Recover” and you will get the missing files.

This may have got your files deleted with ease with the Recoverit possible.

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