Program review MacX DVD Ripper Pro

مراجعة برنامج MacX DVD Ripper Pro
Program review MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Program review MacX DVD Ripper Pro

The program offers MacX DVD Ripper Pro solutions unique and important for users of Macs from Apple, devices, Windows from Microsoft, where he can copy DVD to any format appropriate speed and high accuracy.

The software is the Website is absolutely in its class in the world, and the only one that supports all digital video discs (DVD) (DVD new DVD B 99 title DVD is corrupted and non-Bootable) and DVD / ISO in all kinds of formats.

The program lets you check the DVD format to the formats MP4, HEVC / H. 265, H. 264, with MOV, FLV, MPEG4, AVI, QT, MP3, etc, with more than 350 definition file in advance .

Not only that, but you can also copy DVD to ISO image at 1: 1 ratio the title of DVD to a MPEG2 and MKV with all video files, audio recordings and promotions.


Program, MacX DVD Ripper Pro makes converting DVDs for playback on programs devices, iTunes and QuickTime and Apple iPhone iPad and Android and PS4 and TV, etc., makes it a hassle-free process.

The best solution to renovate your DVDs to protect it from damage or damage, and enjoy it anywhere at any time and in any format you want .

Information about the program MacX DVD Ripper Pro

  • The current version number to 6.1.1
  • Link to download the free version and upgrade to the paid.
  • Works on enemies Microsoft and Mac OS from Apple

What are the advantages of the program MacX DVD Ripper Pro

Super speed

  • With the technology of the hardware acceleration of the second level unique, lets software MacX DVD Ripper Pro for the PC, if configured using the Intel graphics that support Quick Sync Video or graphics card GeForce 600 or newer, lets help decrypt the DVD treatment and restoration.
  • Is to accelerate the process of women of a disc digital video in full to a new level, without sacrificing the quality of video and audio, but reduced the burden of CPU greatly.
  • The tests proved that MacX DVD Ripper Pro takes only 5 minutes to copy a DVD movie for two hours on your Macbook Pro. The completion of the process of converting DVD fully less than 10 minutes at a rate of 320 FPS.

The engine of high quality to maintain the original quality

  • Ensures MacX DVD Ripper Pro also highest quality possible after you copy the DVD, as we wrote the best-in-class launch of the final product.
  • In the backup mode to DVD, the you high-quality activate Windows demuxing / remuxing own automatically copy the DVD content, including video / audio, different frequencies, outside the physical disks without re-encoding, and save them on the hard disk of your computer quickly, without compromising the quality of video / audio at all .
  • In the convert mode DVD, the The your high-quality encryption algorithms interframe and intraframe, along with advanced encryption for cabac / cavlc entropy to reconstruct the content of the DVD and get rid of the iteration space and time, in a way, check the encryption more efficient, without losing any information from the content of the original DVD. As a result, the video output is almost up to 98% of the quality of the source DVD original.

Support all types of discs the DVD in the market

  • Program, MacX DVD Ripper Pro is powerful enough to even work on DVD-converged, including the DVD that was recently released, tablets, DVD Japanese DVD with 99 titles, DVDs, TV, DVD, and even DVD DVD non-bootable. Unlike many of the Transformers DVD other, it also works with discs format discs of gas a year.

Compatible with all fishing devices

  • By supporting a variety of output formats, the program can MacX DVD Ripper convert to MP4, H. 264, MOV and M4V and MPEG and AVI and FLV and MP3, it also supports codec H. 265 / HEVC, the new, and this means that you can create movies that are playable on all your devices, including iPhone and iPad, Android, PSP, Kindle, Mac and other.

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70% discount on the occasion of the season cuts

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