Program review VideoProc iPhone Video Converter

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مراجعة برنامج VideoProc iPhone Video ConverterProgram review VideoProc iPhone Video Converter

Among all the similar programs of the other justifies the name of the program VideoProc iPhone Video Converter as one of the most important solutions to edit and publish video clips for the faith .

Software comes VideoProc in the form of a program video processing Highway No. 1 that works to accelerate technology Hardware Acceleration supported to its full capacity of processor graphics Intel® and AMD® and NVIDIA®, which provides the process of video editing and transcoding smoothly (4K) without compromising quality.

What are the problems to edit the video in the phones faith

  • The failure in playback of video clips with the MKV, AAC, FLV on iPhone
  • Failed to run or modify the videos to HEVC through versions programs QuickTime, Photos, Cut Pro, iMovie, Windows Media Player, Adobe, etc.
  • Videos of 4K at 60 frames per second won’t work smoothly on any video player such as VLC.
  • Not the possibility of running videos shot by drone, GoPro
  • Not the possibility of running some of the musical passages because of the different stretches

Program VideoProc can now solve all these problems

How to help VideoProc to convert videos to the phones of faith

  • VideoProc is a tool for video processing 4K supported GPU-accelerated. They help users to convert video and audio formats easily and without loss of quality, and provide features appropriate to achieve the video and compress it and download it and its features.
  • Convert videos faith HVC / H. 265 video to H. 264 to make it compatible with all video players and edit them.
  • Convert the parameters of the video faith like frame rate, bit rate, and resolution to make the video playback smooth on the video players of third parties (for example, convert 4K video 60PFS to 30FPS) or reduce the file size.
  • Convert video clips faith to animated GIF
  • Convert Video Extensions MKV, FLV, AVI, etc to MP4, MOV to run successful on iPhone.
  • Convert the extensions music to AAC, MP3, AIFF, M4A, etc for playback on iPhone .
  • Convert captured by the camera drone, a GoPro camera to a format that is compatible with phones faith .

Features and VideoProc

  • Technology hardware acceleration of the second level unique: the speed of processing video up to 47 times, the quality of the video without loss, it significantly reduces the CPU usage to 40%.
  • Support for clips of 4K UHD video smoothly.
  • Convert any video to all models of the iPhone, iPad, and Android, and YouTube, and Facebook, and Instagram, etc. without the need for complicated settings manually.
  • Can work with any Android phone
  • The interface is intuitive and easy operations. Completion of video conversion phones faith with just one click.
  • Download videos from YouTube and 1000 other website
  • Edit, cut, and merge video clips, add filters and subtitle to videos
  • Convert all kinds of DVD to videos for playback on iPhone.

Now download the program VideoProc and iPhone XS Max

From today until the 20th February you can sign up to win the grand prize : a phone of EVO X s Max for free within a few other awards .

All you are required to login to this page and write your email that will notify you if you win.

The rest of the awards :

  • License Program Marshall Kilburn II
  • 6 devices PIXI Plus Mini Tripod Kit
  • 1000 free license program VideoProc daily


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