Program VideoProc light and fun to improve video processing with high precision, and connect the camera!

Program VideoProc is a unique programme that you can edit and modify your videos that you’ve taken with your phone camera, or digital camera, even 4K without loss of quality and without the need to purchase or download or deal with video applications other knowledge you need to score a professional to identify and address the video. Program VideoProc not only just a program for video editing it’s an integrated program featuring many other advantages important!

برنامج VideoProc خفيف ومميز لتحرير ومعالجة الفيديو بدقة عالية، وفرصة لربح كاميرا!
Program VideoProc light and fun to improve video processing with high precision, and connect the camera!

Features and VideoProc

Technical support of the GPU Acceleration to improve video

Program VideoProc supports GPU Acceleration compatible with cards screen from company Intel side and AMD. This technique you take advantage of the capabilities of the processor and the graphics to raise the device’s performance in processing and editing video to complete the process quickly and efficiently.

Multiple tools to convert video

Lets program VideoProc many tools to convert video such as: Story, Challenge in screen size, merge a translation of the video, add some effects, rotate, merge video clips together.

برنامج VideoProc
Program VideoProc

Other options a professional

The program provides VideoProc other options professional such as:video stabilization shaky, remove the noise, convert video to animated GIFs or the use of static images, remove the effect of the eye of Heaven found in some cameras, add text or a logo, and other tools of analysis.

The advantages of converting audio and video

Lets program VideoProc convert video and audio between popular format with ease with options to control the quality of the resulting, also the program enables to copy DVD to local and convert them to other formats.

برنامج VideoProc
Program VideoProc

Download music and videos from the internet

You can download video files from the internet via the VideoProc of months websites keep Facebook, Twitter, Dailymotion and other hundreds of other sites, also allows to analyse audio files and music from websites can iCloud and other. After the download you can convert files uploaded to a lot of fishing.

برنامج VideoProc
Program VideoProc

Video recording from screen

You can program VideoProc also record video from your computer screen for the conditions of the study or during the operation of the games or from the screen of your phone or webcam. You can add sound and graphics during the company and the size of the screen or the source and other options.

برنامج VideoProc
Program VideoProc

Guide to use the program VideoProc

Program VideoProc – use interface, extremely easy, but if you are having difficulty in using it and you want to know how to work the partial specific you can check out the guide to use of through this link.

Download the program VideoProc

You can download the program VideoProc version beta on Windows or Mac, you can also buy the full version if I wanted to take advantage of the discount now available by the developer.

Coder : Digiarty

  Click here to download

The opportunity to connect the equipment to the filming of the programme VideoProc

Program VideoProc allows users the chance to win a GoPro camera HERO7 Black $ 399$ to one winner or the holder of the camera EVO GP-PRO 3 Axis $ 199$ winners two or charger battery GoPro camera worth$ 49 for ten winners.

فرصة لربح معدات تصوير من برنامج VideoProc
The opportunity to connect the equipment to the filming of the programme VideoProc

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Subscription link in the contest

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