“Programming for the blind” the summer school initiative, the new Saudi Computer Society

"البرمجة للمكفوفين" مبادرة المدرسة الصيفية الجديدة في جمعية الحاسبات السعودية

Launched the Saudi Computer Society to impose its women’s, the previous version of the summer school, titled “programming for the blind” aims to teach Saudi girls programming. Is considered the first to teach programming for the blind announced by the assembly with the support of the Saudi telecommunications company.

And the costs of direct charitable Association for the blind “blind”, which in turn host a session Teaching the blind in line with the vision 2030, which aims to support all categories of the Saudi people and enable them to learn digital skills.

This is considered a direct extension of the summer school organized by Saudi Computer Society in the past years, but this year came is of a different nature because of the nature of the target audience and the goal of teaching programming languages to them.

You can find out more details here.

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