Programs that will allow you to monitor the smartphone your child

Modern children have been using the gadgets. And they often understand them even better than adults. However, in the vast store, Google Play, and indeed the Internet, there is not enough content for children is not intended. But there is a way to control what your child does on their smartphone. In addition, you can even track the location of a smartphone and fix a bunch of settings.

Surveillance is not always a bad thing

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MMGuardian — Full control

MMGuardian gives you full control over Internet access, messaging, using apps, and contacts. To begin, you need to download the parent version of the app on your phone, register an account and then upload the child version to the phone of your child. After downloading both applications, you can include all of the features MMGuardian. The advantage is a card that allows you to visually see the location of your smartphone and learn “schedule displacement”. That is, to understand where the smartphone (and obviously its owner) was in a certain time. In addition, you can set restrictions that will block your child’s phone at certain times.

Download: MMGuardian

Google Family Link — Semina protection from Google

Like most applications to monitor the phone using Google Family Link, you must download 2 app version — parent version for the child, respectively. Once you are all set (and the interface is simple and intuitive), you can view web activity on your child in a convenient form. Google Family Link shows you every app that your child is launched, and also the amount of time spent on each of them. When your child wants to download a new app, you will receive a notification that will allow you to approve or reject the download.

Download: Link Google Family

AllTracker Family — a Full feature set for surveillance

If you are looking for an application for audio surveillance in conjunction with tracking your Internet activity, then AllTracker Family of your choice. While listening, in our opinion, this is overkill. The benefit of this option rasplachivaetsya here for a surcharge, and free version allows you to monitor the battery level, find out the last used app to track phone numbers that were calls, and see the location of the smartphone on the map. And you restrict your child to use a smartphone? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

Download: Alltracker Family

KidsControl — You’ll always know where your child is

KidsControl offers a less “scary” approach to surveillance. Instead of functioning as an application for remote listening or software that watches the Internet usage of your child, KidsControl only works for location. But there is additional information: the percentage of battery charge and an indication of whether the phone is currently on vibrate. You can also choose places on the map to mark them as “dangerous”, and get notified when your child is near them.

Download: KidsControl

Find My Kids — a Program for surveillance and not only

Find My Kids also provides lots of ways for observation. In addition to the marks on the map and data about the charge level of the smartphone, you can try to turn the alarm on the child’s smartphone if it does not respond (for example, because the smartphone is in silent mode). You can also use the app to communicate with a messaging system that supports not only text, but stickers. Interesting feature is, for example, the installation of the GPS-tags. Want to know is whether your child is in school on time? Install the tracker and the moment when the child comes to school, you will receive a notification.

Download: Find My Kids

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