Project Linda, it’s the concept of a computer, Mobile based on phone Razer Phone



Every year at CES CES come to us company Razer with some crazy ideas. In the past year, came to us the American company some projects are impressive, such as the need mobile triple screen Project Valerie, lighting system immersive Project Ariana, and this year the company Razer to disclose draft Project Linda, which is a laptop based on phone Razer Phone.

Your Project Linda featuring a screen size of 13.3-inch and accurately Quad HD supports refresh rate of 120Hz it also supports HDR content, just like the Screen Phone Razer Phone that will be used in this case as a secondary display or as a touch. But there is also a full QWERTY keyboard with the ability to customize the backlight Razer Chroma, this does not seem surprising given that the devices Razer known lights RGB magnificent and overwhelming.

Once that is done put your phone Razer Phone in his own place on the present Project Linda, the phone uses a processor Snapdragon 835 and 8GB of RAM to provide the experience of Android series with some shortcuts custom keyboard for quick in fact. Regardless of the processor, memory, random, the fit Project Linda provides memory storage and additional capacity of 200GB to backup data or to store more of the games with the knowledge that there is also a port of the type USB Type-A, and the other port of the type USB Type-C for charging, as well as separate headphones of course.


Status Project Linda also houses the battery firmly 53.6 Wh able to charge the phone up to three times knowing that it comes with a thickness of 15 mm only weighing 1.25 kg. As is the case with the pilot projects and other buy the Razer, there is no certainty about whether the company plans to Release This device to consumers at the global level or not, although we believe that there are many people who want to see this concept moving to the middle of the actual commercially available.


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