Project xCloud to play cloud of Microsoft officially launched in September

During the previous year, Microsoft entered the world of the play cloud strongly through the xCloud Project a service that began to expand physically in last November in the released demo is coming to rival the service of the Stadia from Google, as well as service GeForce Now Nvidia.

Today Microsoft confirmed Sea Launch of its new service officially and made publicly available during the month of September next, and what will distinguish the new service is that they will be part of the Game Pass special ICOs والـPC but in a subscription plan Ultimate, the main advantage here is that a subscription Game Pass Ultimate will be $ 15 per month which will now Service Project xCloud along with the features offered by the subscription already.

If you don’t know, the cost of a subscription Game Pass Ultimate is him 15 USD at the current time, this simply means that the new service will come at no additional cost.

Service xCloud to play cloud will smart phones definitely will allow you access to more than 50 game-high level and get to experience the game special, but its as you know you need high-speed internet connectivity, on the other hand going back to talk about the price expected to allow Microsoft service separately from the Game Pass Ultimate later because some users may not have need for the features your Xbox or الـPC and instead want to play cloud only.

Source: Beebom

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