Promotional videos new from Sony highlighting the performance of the camera phone Xperia 1

Xperia 10 Plus

Started Sony officially yesterday the process of selling a phone its new flagship Xperia 1. As all of you probably know, this phone features OLED screen long 4K, and three cameras at the back. In the event that the official announcement of this phone, Sony is confident of the capabilities of the rear camera of the tripartite of this phone, therefore it is not surprising that we now see the Japanese company launch a range of promotional ads that shed light on all the advanced options present in the camera phone Xperia 1.

Cinema Pro is a collection of features that aims to help the video to look more natural with the colors of the movie. Will the presets for the colors along with the virtual frames and speed of the shutter varying shades saved, which leads to an end result that is distinctive. Will the lovers of videos and cinema also on the option to select any of the cameras of the three to change.

One of the other notable features in the phone Xperia 1 is the Optical Steady Shot feature that uses system OIS/EIS hybrid capture video clips free of vibrations. Offer other manufacturers of smart phones features install similar during video recording, but Sony claims that the installation technique used in the phone Xperia 1 closer to the installation technique used in cinematic cameras. Generally, you can watch the promotional videos of the latest from Sony the phone Xperia 1 below, in case if you want to know more about this phone, we suggest you take a look at this article detailed here.

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