Property notifications up to apply Instagram where they Lite and web

خاصية الاشعارات تصل إلى تطبيق إنستقرام لايت ونسخة الويب

Is a feature to send notifications to users of Instagram where they preserve traditional application for smartphones on the platform Android and iOS, but with the launch of the lite version on the Android platform and add more features to the web the number of users of those women, which made the company decide to provide the feature to notice them.

The application is considered Lite closer to the browser data more comprehensive application, which means that the advantages with the web version of the phone is similar to a large extent with the application.

خاصية الاشعارات تصل إلى تطبيق إنستقرام لايت ونسخة الويب

Then add a property notifications, the Instagram where they joined the parent company Facebook it, next to a number of major technology companies and social networks such as Twitter parking.

Certainly think adding this feature is a very positive step for users in developing countries with the use of their phones with limited capacities.

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