Property of Twitter, violate the privacy of its users

Is a feature to delete messages on any social media so special, where you can delete any message you don’t want the interest of your privacy, everything on the internet may be deleted or restored also permanently, this includes messages, Twitter direct between owners of the different accounts.

How to violate Twitter users ‘ privacy is?

He said “Karan, saint”, a security researcher, he put his hands on the error shows the direct messages stored in the archive has its own Twitter account, which includes texts that have been deleted and sent between accounts that have been suspended or disabled since then, and it reported this error via the platform “HackerOne”, a platform working with Twitter to reward ethical hackers who reveal vulnerabilities for the trading of its anti-piracy operations early before found who are hacked sites big.

خاصية من تويتر تنتهك خصوصية مستخدميه Twitter

A spokesman for Twitter said that the latest report on that fact “still open”, so they can’t comment publicly on the details. However, the description of the speaker case as an “error function” instead of “security hole”, and explained the “saint” that he has concerns about the messages on Twitter of years, even after the user deletes his account, stating Privacy Policy site Twitter famous on that account disappears after 30 days from the cessation of its revitalization, however, the company said it maintains a data registry for up to 18 months, including information such as the IP address”IP” The type of browser and operating system, referring Web page, pages visited, location and mobile network and device information tracks and tracking.

But think of it this way, even if you delete a message, it means that the other person still has a copy of it in their inbox, where Twitter works the same way, it warns The Help Center of the company that the user can delete the conversations to direct messages on Twitter, but will the other person a copy in their inbox.

And can any user of the social networking site “Twitter” wants to know the data held by the site in an archive, download the registered account fully for what he wants.

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