Property Portrait Mode on phones, Google Pixel 2 became open source

Google Pixel 2 XL

One cannot deny the fact that the camera phone Google’s Pixel 2 is fantastic. Although the user interface of the camera does not provide the elements of the manual Controller, only that the algorithm +HDR, a subsidiary of Google already good at exposing scenes evenly. You can do that well in low light conditions.

Regardless of the property +HDR, the company Google recently published research on mode Portrait Mode in phones Google Pixel 2. As you all know probably, he put the Portrait Mode on the phone the Google Pixel 2 does not need to only one camera, unlike many of the other manufacturers devices which require a second camera to collect the information depth to create on the background cloudy dull ” Portrait Mode “.


Used Google camera ” image classification semantic ” to achieve it. It is able to determine the pixels of the subject which belong to the background. And now the launch of this technology as an open source by Google Inc. so that any manufacturer of smart phones use this technology in smart phones, or to allow application developers to embed this technology in their own applications.

It is worth mentioning that it can also be used to model image segmentation and semantic classification of pixels as anything like the road, the sun, the dog, the sky, so the mode to Portrait Mode is one of the possibility of this technique only. See the blog published by Google official blog to get a better idea of how to work DeepLab to accurately predict what is in the picture.



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