Proposals for the purchase of El Petro exceeded one billion dollars

On Tuesday Venezuela has launched the sale of El Petro. Coin became the first national cryptocurrency, so interest in it was great. A day later, the leadership of the country reported about the purchase offers to 735 million dollars. The amount has continued to grow and exceeded one billion dollars.

El Petro shows potential

Information was announced by Nicolas Maduro during the live broadcast to Facebook, informs RIA.

We have offers and negotiations that exceed one billion dollars in just two days.

The President revealed details of the agreements. According to him, only registered about 292 thousand offer with the intention to buy cryptocurrency. 36 percent willing to pay in dollars, 31 per cent share bitcoin, and 18 per cent by air. The remaining 15 percent chose the Euro.

The most active initiators of the purchase of steel Colombia, Brazil, Japan, China, Palestine, Spain, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. In the future, the list will surely expand because the government wants to use the El Petro for international transactions.

Venezuela provides a good example for other countries. Hope these actions at least raise the popularity of the cryptocurrency among the population.

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