Prosecutors in South Korea are now investigating the case deliberately Apple TV slow smart phones, old

Apple iphone 6 Plus

Confession Apple its pledge to slow the iPhone’s same old battery degraded caused him many legal problems and problems of trust with consumers. As a result of the great debate currently about this issue, it has started many regulatory bodies in many countries to open an investigation about deliberate Apple slow phones old iPhone, now joined South Korea to this list also.

To date, Apple has issued an official statement where customers confirm they will replace the batteries of smart phones affected at a low price. It should be noted that the cost of replacement batteries smart phones that are out of warranty $ usually $ 79 dollars, but Apple has now announced that it will reduce this price to $ 29 USD only for all the millions of phones iPhone 6, or higher versions which are needed to replace the battery, so starting from late January until December of 2018.

Clarified Apple as well it is also planning to launch the iOS update which would give users more of a ” vision ” on the health card of phones iPhone of their own until they have a better idea of whether the battery is actually affect on the performance of their devices. It has been suggested that already, as suggested on the Apple display a notice to users warning them about the device’s battery in need of replacement.

This wasn’t enough, apparently. It has already been raised dozens of lawsuits against Apple while the company is also facing investigations into its deliberate and slow phones iPhone your old customers in all of the United States, China, Italy and France to implement South Korea also to the list now.

Provided the citizens of Seoul, the body responsible for the rights of the consumer complaints against Apple saying that the goal of Apple is to influence the customers to pay them to upgrade to smart phones, the latest in sooner than they planned. He started the Office of the prosecutors in the South Korean capital Seoul for an investigation into this matter.

Most often, still the company Apple skeptical positions of the former, which consists in slowing it down for iPhone old deliberately in order to provide a better experience for users and ends junk to their devices, but think about the way you handled the case. Recently, companies like Motorola and HTC and LG and Samsung came out with statements confirming they never slow down smart phones, although batteries haggard and old.


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