Protection Mark Zuckerberg has cost Facebook $ 22.6 million in 2018

Doubled the company’s Facebook the money I spent on the protection of its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg last year for the 2018 to $ 22.6 million, where it gets mark a basic salary of $ 1 $ over the past three years, but spends a lot for his personal security.

This figure constitutes an increase of about $ 6 billion in the year, and Mark Zuckerberg also $ 2.6 million for the personal use of my own trips, which the company said it was part of his program’s overall security.

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The company faced Facebook in the past few years criticisms wide for its role in the dissemination of misinformation and political propaganda on the internet, in addition to leaking data users, and Mark Zuckerberg in a hearing before a special committee of the Senate on the scandal involving the leak of users data.

Source: The Guardian

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