Protection program famous collects your data and sends it to China

Always promote the company Apple itself as protecting users via their respective operating systems and different applications, although Apple has already made a lot of effort and a lot of the controls to maintain the security of users however this does not always come to the desired results. This time, the error comes from one of the most famous protection programs on the store Mac Apple.

Program Adware Doctor highly famous among the Mac users it seems that it collects data without the knowledge of users. The program, which is ranked fourth in the list of the top paid apps on the store Mac has been examined by more than one researcher and confirmed spy on the user without his knowledge, where one of these researchers making a video to prove it.

The researchers found that the program Adware Doctor collects the user data of the browsing history and the list of programs, software and operations and stores them in an encrypted file on the user’s device which is raised on a private server network located somewhere in China. All these acts certainly not in the interest of the user as they create the rules of use of the Apple Store but although alert company Privacy 1st Apple it weeks ago. however, the program remained the same. But during the last few hours with the beginning of the hype Apple has to delete the software from the store.

Says one of the researchers said that Apple retail stores are not the safe haven for which the company is trying to export its image to the users where they pointed to a number of applications that collect users data and is cleared directly after discovered where it takes up to six months.

The program was the request to gain access to a portfolio of Home key being one of the trusted applications on the App Store where it gave users the authority confident that one of the programs of safe and to protect their devices. Immediately give the program validity starts with the compilation of user data different to tell them and send it to the server in China to provide the company respected him and certainly use them too.

Although the programs on MacOS you get the powers as much as you need to do, just in known as Sandboxes however, developers take advantage of to give users of the programs of the powers that enable them to steal their data where they do a lot of tricks to achieve this goal in any way.

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