Protective film Galaxy Note 9 will spoil the first impression

What should be the flagship? Productive, beautiful, with expensive materials, with a good camera. But how often do you think about picking and packing a smartphone? In the case of Note 9 consumers will certainly think about that.

This is hardly a problem, however, this unpleasant fact. It consists in the fact that the Galaxy Note 9 has many plastic protective films which are annoying and spoil the impression of the new smartphone.

Colleagues from AndroidCentral tried to remove all the protective film and to estimate their number. The first thing consumers will face two big films on the front and rear panels. By removing them, you might think that, but no.

Then the user needs to remove the sticker with the IMEI and films on the ends. Each corner has its own film, and in some cases several small films. We get a total of about 10 small films only on the ends.

But that’s not all. At the top under the protective film has a sticker Qualcomm 4G. Funny, isn’t it?

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