PSS, boy… Got a job!

The morning of the day…the editor opens the email and sees dozens of letters from people wanting to work in a team Among them are very worthy candidates, but the problem was that employee turnover we have. However, it’s time to expand, which means that we open our welcoming doors for you (well, almost). Interested? Go read more!

We have opened a couple of vacancies for the best of you. We are not looking for the person who will publish translated articles, not really knowing what he writes, and the true fan of the Android platform and everything that goes with it. In addition, we want you activity in Telegram chats, creative approach to work, a fountain of ideas and a sea of internal energy that you can send in your favorite for a zone.

    If you are just looking for part-time work, and you eyes are burning, you are not for us.
    — If you don’t know how to clearly, succinctly and clearly Express their thoughts pass by.
    — If you work day starts at 9am and ends at 18 PM is also not for us.


If you have something to share about their favorite platform, the company or their thoughts, but there’s no one to read or listen to — this vacancy is definitely for you!

What do we value? Creativity, hard work, true desire to convey their thoughts to others, the gift of persuasion, the constant presence at the forefront of mobile themes, ability to be concise and bold. If it’s about you — come to us. In addition to the tremendous of like-minded colleagues and the opportunity to convey their thoughts to a million readers, we are still going to pay! Cool? Then read what you need to do:

  1. Write test task. This post is for any of the following topics. When writing, remember that our site is designed for ordinary users who don’t read 24/7 technical specification mobile phone and do not know how to understand Android source code Pie. But it is very interesting that there is actually happening inside the industry
  2. Make the post like you would like to see it on the website. Don’t forget the subtitles, interesting illustrations, text formatting and many other things. Make sure that this article was not ashamed to sign his name to an audience of millions
  3. Send a link to your post and a few words about yourself in a special Telegram channel. We read all the articles of the candidates and will choose the best ones
  4. If your post will be among the best — we’ll contact you in PM and you’ll have a real chance to be part of our team (of course not for free)

Topics for the test tasks:

  • TOP 10 features that I would add in Android OS
  • Iron power! Where will advance the development of Android smartphones?
  • What is missing to users the most advanced mobile operating system?
  • The most promising flagship, which we expect in 2019
  • Free theme

Good luck!

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