Psychological trick forces students to download the mobile app

Recently, BuzzFeed got access to the internal document of the company Facebook, which reveals the obsession of a group of employees with finding ways to attract high school students to new products. In addition, it describes the “psychological trick” which is working and used by this group of employees.

Not so long ago Facebook bought the popular service poll tbh and closed it. Tbh it is the workers built the document referred to above. Tbh the service was popular among young people. Facebook is concerned that their social network plays in attracting adolescents. Increasing popularity of Instagram and Snapchat.

It seems that the employees of tbh has created a tutorial on attracting a young audience to new products. The first step is to create a private account on Instagram and begin to sign up for young people to inspire their curiosity. For students of each particular institution created a separate closed account. As students signed almost everyone who studies in their school, collect all students was not difficult.

In a closed Instagram account, nothing is published. It only encourages students not to opt out and to follow its future. As soon as among the subscribers to the private account are enough students, its administrators are waiting for four o’clock in the evening. By this time classes are usually over. At four o’clock in the evening in an account and added a link to the app in the app Store and your account is public, whereby anyone who applied for membership, you receive notification that their application has been accepted.

Workers tell tbh that’s what made their service incredibly popular among young people. Many teenagers went to the link and installed the application, absorbed by the mystery effect. The app tbh for the 9 weeks downloaded 5 million times. Just three months after launch, the service was bought by Facebook.

The authors note wrote some recommendations for Facebook to attract a young audience. In Facebook declined to comment on it. Previously, we talked about what tricks Facebook uses to generate the dependencies among users. If they work for you? Tell us in our Telegram chat.

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