Psychologists : application FaceApp may lead to depression !

As usual that we find here and there are weighing in on these things when Also it’s incompatible with the peace operations community according to their point of view. This is what is called some specialists in the science of human psychology to express an opinion after being dragged behind a trick application FaceApp and Aging who took to spread on social networking sites which provide the application a virtual image of the company at the stage of aging.

These specialists that it may lead to the injury of the owner of the picture is depressed when the picture was his future completely opposite to what was hoped for in the adult body that we will have.

Did not expect it when psychologists. it arrived in some circles default to the alluded to the sanctity of the use of the app !

The weird thing is, that those “with our appreciation for the characters and their” deal with the humans, as guardians to them , as if the users of the app a bunch of the palace ignorant.

Doesn’t realize these specialists that it is all just a entertaining experience not more than that and I respect the user through the application on what to technology of artificial intelligence of interest to millions of people why it would be good in the coming days and use the subsequent .

I am real, different to what we see from the results out to us by this application have not app user to this age out of it.
Users on different beliefs realize innately that the ages in God’s hands alone and not in need to be reminded of this fact.

The app is its advantages doesn’t stop his work on “old age” but from the options what the user experience would be the case if what you said cut his hair or wear glasses etc cases.

Don’t you these to application 3 years old and Walid this week and it’s all just “Hugo” temporary and soon and, but they wanted to register their presence on television screens to talk to in any theme even if it was technology !


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