PUBG accusing Fortnite by her thoughts and the case against

PUBG تتهم Fortnite بنسخ أفكارها وترفع قضية ضدها

During the past few months ignited game Fortnite world popularity large on almost all platforms –with the exception of Android, but despite that the mission be playing Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds Korean, which makes sense for the community filed a case against Epic Games the developer of لـFortnite.

It was Epic Games have developed Fortnite launched in July of last year with one stage, and then developed three stages or modes of the game last September, but updates the time included the design and style game similar to game PUBG, which is what made the company raise the issue about the violations of the American company of the game.

Although the subject of the proceedings does not appear only now, however, the police talked to raise the issue in the month of January in Korea, but moved to the US recently.

And those playing within the setting of Battle Royale in Fortnite, then the game PUBG it will be a great similarity between game design and gameplay, which make the game America controls the competition by providing play free online to users on different platforms, as opposed to the Korean play paid subscription.

Recall, that the game is Korean fell for the first time in the number of sales to the American game in the month of April last, and the last managed to achieve about$ 300 million in that month.

Earnings game Fortnite up about$ 300 million in April

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