PUBG virus ransom malicious helps you play

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We are used to different types of malware that infect computers shows its objective one; money. Target software malicious your computer and encrypts your files and become your lifeless body and the Council to pay hundreds of dollars or digital currencies bitcoin to get it open for you all. It’s different this time with software ransomware PUBG New of its kind, all I ask of you code is to play.

He had uncovered a report prepared by the site BleepingComputer about the discovery team MalwareHunterTeam specialist in anti-malware for software PUBG. The report explained that the external host device and encrypts user files and updated to change its extension to .PUBG, and show the on-screen message to notify the user infects his computer and encrypt its files. Give him two options to unlock the computer again. The first is to enjoy a game of “Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds,” and its name to PUBG, and the second is to enter a code to restore its files. This shows the icon on the screen and what the user is copy related.

Start malicious software to control the device since the start of the start of the game and immediately discover the software to run the game, is to decrypt the files instantly automatically.

The specialists of this code as a warning bell ought to Should your device open to attacks. And that we should use protection programmes is strong. The malicious software no more than being a fucking joke don’t ask you for money and release your files immediately. Perhaps the owner of the malicious software is one of the morbid game of PUBG which is what prompted him to put pressure on others in a manner silly to enjoy the game.

PUBG virus ransom malicious helps you to play

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