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A little over a week left before WWDC developer conference 2019, where Apple will reveal to the world their new software products. Most attention is now focused on the iOS 13, rumors of which periodically appear in the Network. Do not remain aloof and designers, creating visual projects the new mobile operating system Apple.

Among the many concepts it is quite difficult to select really worthy, but today we will talk about this project.

Renowned designer Alvaro Babesia, based on available information, introduced the world to his vision of iOS 13. The project was the most truthful and close to reality. Let’s take a look at it.

The designer is confident that iOS 13 will be the biggest update since iOS 7. It is difficult not to agree with this.

Much emphasis will be placed on the iPad. Tablet PCs will get a new “control Point”, with many additional options and customization. In the dock bar can be placed folders, which can be “open” with a special gesture. The files and documents can be stored directly on the desktop.

The author of the project believes that in iOS 13 will appear full support for external accessories — mouse and trackpad. This control method may be more convenient for people with disabilities.

The official Apple accessories finally, you can connect via Bluetooth — it is a special widget. Also iOS 13 will be available to guest mode, that would be an extremely useful option if tablet use a few people.

Fait accompli — in iOS 13 appears dark mode. The designer tried to imagine how it could look.

According to the author of the concept, the dark mode is executed in shades of grey. To enable the option will be straight from the “control room”.

The long-awaited new feature will be processed the volume slider. It will be situated not in the center, and on the side next to the volume rocker.

Changes and widgets that will get a new compact size in the form of “tiles”. This implementation is very similar to the visual appearance of Windows Mobile 10.

It is possible that we will see something similar at WWDC 2019. Fully familiarize yourself with the concept on this page.

And how do you like the concept? Leave your opinion in the comments or in our Telegram chat.

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