Publishers are unhappy with the service of Apple News due to the policy of Apple’s strict direction privacy


We know since a while that Apple is interested in, or at least kind of, when they acquired the services the council paid to Texture. There are rumors that Apple is planning to launch a new service of news magazines in the next month, but there seems to be some doubts about whether they will be successful or not.

This according to a survey recently conducted by the website Digiday, a survey that refers to what seems to be publishers that are not happy with the situation with Apple News at the moment. Point out that the interest Apple TV the privacy of users lead to displaying ads limited because of the limitation of target users, unlike Facebook which target all types of users and communities.

Publishers complain also of the lack of a sufficient number of readers, which means that although display advertising at the rate of $ 3 to $ 4 per thousand clicks, it find-enough to make it profitable. As we have said, refer to some of these complaints and concerns to that in the case of the launch of the service subscription coming from Apple, it is still not clear how many publishers will stick with this service, and therefore this would affect the number of participants in the service due to the shortage of news or magazines.


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