Publishers the 100 best on the App Store Make more profits by about 60% compared with their counterparts on the Android

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This afternoon a new report examines the vast disparities between the earnings of developers on the platform Android and iOS. According to the foundation Sensor Tower specialized in market research, the best 100 developers for apps on the operating platform of the company Apple, they earned on average more returns by about 64% compared with their counterparts in Android during the first quarter of this year.

Reveal the data issued by the institution of the Sensor Tower Store Intelligence that the developers who own the 100 best application on the iOS platform got an estimated 83.8 million USD, while their counterparts in Android 51 million USD in the first quarter of this year. As a whole, has experienced both the producers 12-percent increase in profits compared with the same period last year. Growth is the overall more impressive when you compare these figures with those achieved in the year 2014 when they have achieved all producers 34 billion dollars.

Experienced Games developers specifically sold less in profits, but still the developers of games for iOS are advancing by 48 percent by $ 70 million compared to 48 million USD to the developers of games for Android. This is the category in which you earn the more amount of revenue because of the growing popularity of mobile games.

On the other hand, show normal applications the presence of a large gap between the two platforms Android and iOS with a share increased by 232% between the top 100 publishers on my store and the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Spent users of Apple an estimated US $ 23.3 billion, while spending users Android 7 million USD only.

While the Apple App Store leads the way in relation to the size of expenses of the users in all categories of applications, it is important to note here that this store has a big advantage over Android in China where it is banned Google services, including Google Play Store.

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