Puffin Lite browser new light on the iPhone

Puffin Lite متصفّح جديد وخفيف على أيفون
 Puffin Lite متصفّح جديد وخفيف على أيفون
Although nurses are hacks that are enjoyed by both the browser Chrome and Firefox, but they’re the most browsers and consumed the resources of the phone and specifically to the internal storage and processor, on the other hand has created a developers many web browsers on the phone is focused first and foremost on the speed and availability of data which makes the performance of the phone is generally fast and flexible.

Browser Puffin one of these applications and natively on iOS and Android years ago, and the page that comes out is a light weight speed design, to meet user requests more was the launch of the light version of the browser Puffin Lite, currently available on iPhone only, and by the way this browser is based on Apple iOS webkit.

It also comes at high speeds with a sleek design and the advantages of an updated First, preferably the browser that allows users to keep their browsing through the workspaces that enable them to categorize their sites and projects saved in an intuitive way, as it is fully customizable and allows users to customize the browser background from photos or camera photos, and last but not least regains Puffin Lite from the screen of the iPhone fully through the automatic filling, thus avoiding the waste of space.

Download Puffin Lite from here.

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