PuffinOS is a cloud — based smartphone OS faster Android

I have a long time no complaints about the performance Android. For my taste, Google has brought their operating system up to the point where it is able not only to handle the UI elements without the slightest difficulty, but also to perform certain tasks even better than iOS. Despite this, there are developers who believe that Android isn’t the best mobile OS since it is able to provide stable work mainly flagship devices, while inexpensive still have to endure freezes and freezes.

Developers Studio CloudMosa assembled on Kickstarter money to develop a new operating system PuffinOS. In contrast to the usual platforms, it does rely on the hardware of the smartphone, carrying out most of the computing in the cloud. According to the developers, this will allow Puffin OS to handle heavy tasks faster than an Android smartphones with comparable hardware. A living example — Nokia 1 and Redmi Go, where it’s still under test runs about 10 times faster than Android Go.

Fastest OS for smartphones

Of course, for devices running PuffinOS will need a stable Internet connection. However, the developers assure that will be satisfied with the mere fact of its existence, while speed plays a vital role. So, for stable operation of the device will only connect to networks of 2.5 G, also known as H+. In its absence, the user will have access only to the core functionality such as SMS and phone calls.

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Despite the fact that at the start of the PuffinOS no private application directory, it is planned that he will appear in the future, and all the software will be based on a standard PWA (Progressive Web Apps). In fact, it is usual to all websites, free of unnecessary elements and adapted to work on mobile devices, which can even be downloaded to the device and to activate the web browser.

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On the PWA already passed many popular services and social networks like Instagram, Twitter, Telegram, and because of compatibility issues with most used services most likely will not. However, it is not clear how to PuffinOS start of the game. It is possible that heavy titles OSes can not run at all, only some light time-killers. In the end, we cannot exclude the alternative scenario.

The most promising OS?

The idea that underlies PuffinOS — is quite common. In the end, if you can move to the cloud, games and apps, why not do the same with the operating system? Of course, in the absence of the Internet devices on PuffinOS will be almost useless, but it is important to understand that even Android smartphones, which seems to be not dependent on a network connection, little that is capable of working in offline mode. So why not.

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