“Puma” will announce the date of the issuance of its smart

The company announced the “Puma” Puma, the German multinational, which is the famous brand in the industry of clothing and Sports shoes, for its work on the version of the smart watch, branded by the end of next year 2019.

Announced the “boom” about the partnership with the group “fossil group” Fossil Group to design and manufacture watches, both regular and smart, with a view to access its clock to the market in the target material.

While I didn’t know “bum” anything about the design of its smart base or any of the features, confirmed officials of the “fossil Group” about carrying them to cooperate with him, as one of the brands leading sports in the world, for the design and distribution of smart watch on the high level and global worthy of cooperation.

And many of the specialists come boom Oil Group as fruitful, since the latter is the mastermind behind a range of versions of smart watches, such as fossil kyu comes Fossil Q Q and Q for Q Founder q the Q Venture, it also has a license a lot of big brands and high-end for the issuance of smart watches in the near future, such as diesel Diesel وDKNY Emporio Armani Emporio Armani.

And creates cooperation POM use Group of interesting, sector, big is what do the “fossil” with a smart watch focused more on sports, which is something I didn’t think of the company before, besides waiting for the new “boom” in the field of smart watches sports after his “Nike” Nike and Adidas Adidas and other competitors big.

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