Put search engine Google by default on the Safari browser cost the company$ 9 million

وضع محرك بحث قوقل افتراضيًا على متصفح سفاري يكلف الشركة 9$ مليار

Having a search engine Google on the browsers by default may be something obvious being the engine’s most famous and prevalent, that if you exclude the possession of the company’s Chrome browser, but maybe facing the search engine Google is not that easy, because the company pay large sums for it.

While the company has put a large amount to make the editor by default for Firefox users to overcome Yahoo, which was paid$ 375 a million so, it seems much larger for the Safari browser and primarily on Apple TV systems.

According to a report by Business Insider , which published new leaks from one of the largest financial institutions of America, Goldman Sachs, the what you would pay Google to Apple about the$ 9 million in 2018, is expected to increase the amount to$ 12 million next year.

As mentioned in the report, the analysts of Goldman Sachs believe that the amount paid is based on the number of searches on the Safari browser or voice assistant Siri via Apple devices.

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