Put up the new version of the fighting game Samurai showdown next June

The company announced Snk for the issuance of the new part of the fighting game fighting classic Samurai showdown on the 27th of June next, come the new version after 10 years of putting up with the last version.

Information from the developer

And mentioned the Japanese developer of the game they support current-gen consoles, both home appliances such as the PlayStation 4 was Xbox also profile or switch, as mentioned it will work on the development of the game to work on the rest of the hardware.

He drew the developer that the game uses the engine development unreal engine 4 in the side to play so instead of using the internal engine of the company and the user is currently playing the king of fighters which did not endear me to the players.

Noted developer that the game content and events will have three stages or phases, I developed the story, developed the training, and finally the competition which will be by developed game the beauty of the network both local network or online or through the halls of the Dojo, what can friends play on the same device.

And earlier was the company Snk has revealed that the company is Athlon Games the rights to publish the game, which is famous for publishing many video games.

And you think the game Samurai showdown of the best and most enjoyable games of the nineties, classified and brand in fighting games, especially games that include weapons are admirable, and the game Samurai showdown popular in different parts of the world.

A lot of fighters

Featuring a new version of the game Samurai showdown about 16 of 3 new fighters and they are the corresponding ” year core”, which possesses the mysterious power, and the corresponding “and-and rock.” she is a fighter working for the Empire, ” Koenig”, and the last is the “Darley Dougie“, as revealed by the company Snk during the festival of pax VII.

According to the company brings the fighters the others from the previous parts, including the contractor “Homero” and ” earthquake ” and” effort“, and that may have been detected all fighters in the game.

To confrontations and events of the story and fighting style in the new part of the fighting game Samurai showdown you can watch the video attached with the project for more information.

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