Puzzle English will help to improve your English and bring it to a new level

I think, for anybody not a secret that in modern world it is hard to live without knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. If you like to travel, your work is connected with technology or dealing with people or just want to watch the new series favorite series in the original voice, no English anywhere. And then the question arises – how best to learn the language? Ideally with a native speaker. Also there are options with the tutor or with a group of learners, but what if your schedule does not allow you to attend classes? Then come to the aid of online services, and on one of them today, we’ll see in the article.

Why Puzzle English?

Right now it is possible to find many different services that promise to teach you English. But not all teaching methods work well for you. Puzzle English, in turn, picked up a variety of exercise equipment, so you can try each of them and decide on the most effective for yourself.

Users can Videopussy and Audiopaste, simulators and integrated courses for learning English. You can engage both on the PC and in the mobile app on your smartphone. Available auxiliary tools, for example, slow voice words and phrases to enable you to hone your pronunciation. Thus, the Puzzle English is the right platform for self-learning English as a beginner and for the more experienced user.

What services are available?

  • Job

The first set of services includes Videopussy, Audiopaste, Lessons, Simulator and Translate. The essence of the job in the first two blocks is simple: you watch a video/listen to the record and then insert the desired word-puzzles. In Videobased available clips, cartoons, interviews, most of which you may be familiar with, the more interesting, for example, to listen to your favorite song and at the same time to understand its meaning.

In Audiobased you listen to the phrase pronounced with different accent, then trying to recreate them with the help of puzzles. In the unit Lessons accordingly, you will find lessons of different levels of complexity – from the alphabet to the gerund. The grammar trainer is certainly useful for all to improve your skills. As you complete jobs you will be offered links to lessons, so you can pull up the theoretical knowledge. And at the end you can translate small texts that are in the unit Translate to comprehensively test the knowledge. Available in different difficulty options.

  • Courses

Sequential courses English learning with a virtual teacher. You just need to choose your level or goal to which you aspire, then learn to train and eventually pass the exam.

The choice available to the children’s course, and also two adults: “the Academy” and “Method Tijera”. “Academy” includes two elements: the “Business” and “Travel”. You will learn English with teachers-native speakers from Canada and Ireland. The course is suitable for those whose English level is above average. “Method Tijera” – video sequence of lessons from simple to complex. You will watch the series with English subtitles and commercials, where teachers show and tell necessary information. Suitable for those whose level of English is zero and above.

  • Words

The category of “Words” helps to increase your vocabulary. You need to set a goal and then you are going to do the SuperMemo algorithm for the most efficient memorization of words. Each user has their own dictionary to which you can add words and phrases to study.

  • Podcasts

Podcasts – one of the most popular types of content today. It is very convenient, because you can listen to audio, while, for example, in the road. Podcasts Puzzle English – live conversation with native, as well as a special “simultaneous” releases. Synchronous podcasts have detailed English text and translation on Russian language, synchronized with a soundtrack.

Which is very convenient, you can choose podcasts with different accents, this is important because, for example, British English and Australian English have their own peculiarities.

  • Game

Well, if you are tired of the everyday routine, interesting, and most importantly useful, to spend time in the “Games”. There are several modes in which you can compete with other users.

  • Other

The category of “Other” can also attract your attention. It contains various articles about the English, translations of songs, and online tests for knowledge of the language.

What are the advantages?

In addition to the variety of equipment offered by Puzzle English, I would also note the opportunity to ask questions in the comments that will be answered by experts. This is useful, because some moments can be confusing or you can offer your vision of translation.

Another advantage is mobile app. It can be used to improve English while you drive to school/work or home.

And in General the service is quite interesting and modern approach to the study of English. If a person starts learning from scratch, it is necessary to lay the foundations that give at school or University – it will help video tutorials with teachers. And if the English level is average, it can lead to a qualitatively new level – here to help and Videos/Audiopaste, and advanced courses, and Podcasts that will be useful for training the perception of language by ear.

What is the result?

The result is simple – if you have the desire to learn or improve their English skills, but no time for tutoring, you can do it yourself. To help service Puzzle English, where you are sure to find the right trainer for you. The program can automatically create for you a personal plan of study English, in which you can improve your knowledge. By the way, by signing up at this link you will get a coupon with a discount of 700 rubles, which can be used for the acquisition of additional tasks, words, podcasts and more.

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