Puzzles game Pavilion coming to Android phones this week

Actually, the game puzzles in the air Pavilion on the Android system as of software Nvidia Shield, meaning on TVs the Android.

It seems that the game will be released to phones and Android tablet other, as indicated based on the game “NVIDIA Lightspeed Studios”.

لعبة الألغاز Pavilion قادمة على هواتف أندرويد هذا الأسبوعPuzzles game Pavilion coming to Android phones this week.

In turn, you will get the game the name of the Pavilion: Touch Edition to be available officially for all the 23rd day of the current month.

It is a copy of the pre-registration of the game in the Play Store, the first thing you will notice are the graphics next to her.

Where have injured your environments, the game is extremely beautiful, not to mention a range of puzzles, which, of course, you need a solution from you.

Also keep in mind, that the Pavilion: Touch Edition game instead, meaning that they offer classes to play periodically.

This means, that when the official launch will be made available the first chapter, during the time of what the future will be the launch of the second chapter and so on.

As for the pricing of the game, even this moment there is no word about the pricing of the Pavilion: Touch Edition from the store Google Play.

But if we look on the version of the game on iOS and divorced since 2017, we find it available for download at the price of 3.99$.

Finally, if you’re a fan of puzzle games, be sure to pre-register for the game from the store Google Play, where it is possible to change the date of official launch.

Pre-registration for the game Pavilion: Touch Edition from here.

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