Q&A| C, why pay the “apple” of $ 400 million to buy the Shazam application is?

In was thinking about “Apple” Apple when they decided to pay $ 400 million to buy the application “Shazam” Shazam’s? And download page work for the tech giant American win a good deal of its acquisition of the manufacturing company of heaven “pizza” Beats, which paid $ 3 billion in 2014 to?

Still the application “Shazam” Shazam power, which began as one of the early applications that have appeared in the Apple Store “app store” App Store in July 2008, with the simple push of one application can be the song that you hear, and have succeeded the application “Shazam” Shazam in continue strongly unlike applications ended up reported within weeks of coming off it (do you recall an application iBeer is?).

Didn’t expect the “Shazam” Shazam for the development of the same and his voice one moment, has come the “Apple” Apple already has it in order to increase her personal assistant smart “Siri” Siri services voice recognition, and preached the “apple” of the application will ensure that customers of Apple’s continued support of application for their products, however the plans “Apple” is often larger than that.

The ability of the “Shazam” will be released to the rest of the Apple products, such as AirPods headphones “good” smart HomePod hours Apple smart “Apple watch” Apple Watch, must be “Apple” will add the feature of automatic recognition on the audio clips and songs to their phones “iPhone” iPhone to compete against feature added by Google to its phones “pixel” Pixel, a feature that allowed display the name of the song that works in the vicinity of the phone automatically and without question, an intelligent assistant, with”Shazam” and its power will be Apple’s more memorable than Google.

When “Shazam” Shazam firmly to the headphones of the Apple smartphone a new “home” HomePod, and the placing on the market, on 9 February, there will come a time soon, you can ask the “good” to operate and you song without to act on its behalf, imagine yourself like ask “Siri” to operate to you the song most popular in the year 1984 or request, or of ear headphones AirPods, to hold you song ed sheeran that talk about Ireland, or sing with your voice, clip, or open the tune musically with your voice tells the system to recognize you.

However, the key The Secret the real deal “Shazam” Shazam is an application of augmented reality Augmented Reality AR and Machine Learning Machine Learning, in 2015 added a “Shazam” to their application potential in optical, a technical that sees specialists able to save Apple from cboe in the techniques of augmented reality AR.

If we go back to the phones Google “pixel tu” Pixel 2, Google has added the technique of “Linda” Lens, which works with her Assistant to interact with real things, for example, you can direct your phone to the hand of one of the buildings to the smart assistant all the information available about them or to wipe the scan card, or disaster personal to plugin automatically in the contacts list on your phone.

The “apple” of the Apple you want it more, want to give big eyes to her assistant smart “Siri” Siri, especially with the rumors that revolve around the policies of the Apple car and Apple car Apple Glasses that are still in the knowledge of the unseen.

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