Q&C| “64 horse”.. what is a horse?!

If you love reading about cars, there is a recurring item describes the ability of a motor or engine with two horsepower, and in our ordinary lives, the conveying motor of the water in your apartment building also of the walls, and two horsepower, and reveals his name, is the unit of measure of capacity Power, it is where it came from?

In 1781, he wanted the inventor of the Scottish James watt to convince the skeptics in his engine steam, in order to abandon their horses and buy drive the new display, to prove the superiority of his invention, he decided to find a unit of measurement closer to the concept of the capacity of the engine to them in a language they understand.

So the watt value of the distance made by one of the horses in circles during his work at the mill, it was assumed that the horse being a weight capacity of 180 lbs roughly, the calculation enters in the time it took the horse through his work, connected to a new measure named by horsepower or horse, this allowed watt to describe the engine, including rewards capacity that can be obtained from the horses are real.

Today, we can zoom in more, half of the horse as the equivalent of 750 watts almost, out is the power sufficient to operate a lamp of the type “LED” LED is small in size too in our time (imagine that less lamp in Leeds in your house is 9 watts), as can the description of the horse mathematically that the power or energy required to raise the weight of the weight of 75 kg a distance of 1 meter in a time of 1 second.

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