Q&C| after the Samsung to work, did their products have a negative impact on health?

How many times have yelled at your family: “enough pussy on TV.. have mercy on your eyes.. SEPA mobile apparently.. look you heard”?!.. A million times at least!.. How many times have I ignored their advice and focused your brain?!.. Every time!!. Now, after the apology to Samsung Samsung to the world what happened to her, I recommend listening to the advice of your family.

Are you asking why I thought the Samsung company to their employees?

Because the reports revealed the injury to dozens of employees, who work in the interests of Samsung’s own manufactures electrical connectors and display screens LCD display LCD, of serious diseases such as leukemia and brain tumors, and some died as a result of that, this is an indication that the display phones threaten the lives of its users also, not screens and Samsung phones only, but all the screens and other phones, but Samsung is the only one that I thought.

Are you asking about the manual assures you that the phones and display screens threaten your life?

Yes there is evidence and findings of the team of National Toxicology Program at the request of the Ministry of Health and Human Services of America for months, proved the existence of a relationship between mobile phone radiation and the incidence of two types of cancer, namely brain tumors and tumors of the heart.

He assured the research team that enjoy a night on the bed and become the sites of social media or watching TV in dim lighting is one of the causes of tumors, because the blue light that emanates from electronic devices, harmful, and causes of visual impairment and the deterioration of Health in general.

So everyone is advised to stay away from LCD display screens, phones and avoid looking at them in the dim lighting, the next to put the screen protection on them that are sold in specialized centers because they reduce the access of light blue to the eye.

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